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3 weeks, 3 themes, 1 grand prize... Survive the editor
Survive The Editor was a 3 week long Distance level creation competition. From Oct. 3rd to Oct. 24th, weekly winners were chosen during the "Speedy Saturday" multiplayer meetup. Each week we announced a mode and theme, and it was up to creators to create a level that impresses both our judges and the community.

Congrats to our final winners! We were beyond inspired by the nearly 50 levels created in such a short amount of time. Stay tuned for our next competition!

  • Week 1: Oct. 3rd - 9th
    • Mode: Challenge
    • Theme: Industrial
    • Winner (Judge Vote): Firey Flow (by Platoonsgt1)
    • Winner (Community Vote): Furnace (by PPPaul)
    • Winner (Participation Raffle): Dot
  • Week 2: Oct. 10th - 16th
    • Mode: Reverse Tag
    • Theme: Nature
    • Winner (Judge Vote): Bionic Botánica (by Jam~)
    • Winner (Community Vote): Solitude (by Qubic)
    • Winner (Participation Raffle): MIKE
  • Week 3: Oct. 17th - 24th
    • Mode: Sprint
    • Theme: Spooky
    • Winner (Judge Vote): Limbus Puerorum (by PPPaul)
    • Winner (Community Vote): Masquerade (by Arch Fluctuation)
    • Winner (Participation Raffle): Kuroki Tomoko

Massive thanks to Krispy and Fork for spearheading this competition!

Step #1: Create a Level

Each week we'll announce a new track type and theme. It’s up to you to create a track of that type, in-theme, and submit it before Saturday. If you stream your process let us know so we can share it with others!

If you're looking for help on getting started with the editor, check out our tutorial video below!

Step #2: Upload to Steam Workshop

Once you're done, click Save & Publish to Steam Workshop from the Editor tab. Feel free to update you level as much as you like up until the 11:59pm deadline. Also make sure that your level is properly tagged by placing "[STE]" at the start of your level's name!

Step #3: Join Speedy Saturday

Speedy Saturday is a weekly community-run multiplayer meetup. Players come together to hang out and play Distance multiplayer from 11am - 1pm PST every Saturday. Simply start Distance, go to Arcade > Online, and either join a server or start your own with "Speedy Saturday" in the server name.

If you don't feel like playing, you still join in by watching others' live streams or joining the community Discord server.

Read below for how we're using Speedy Saturday to choose winners each week. You can win a prize simply for showing up!
The prizes!

The Trophy: The creator with the highest total judge score will win an incredible, one-of-kind trophy! It was 3D printed, painted, and assembled by Refract's Andrew Nollan. Click here to see the scale.

The Shirt: Navy blue t-shirt available in S, M, L, or XL.

The Poster: 18x24" poster teasing Adventure mode.

The Pin: Glow-in-the-dark pin bearing a mysterious emblem.
So... how are the winners chosen?
We're giving a crazy number of prizes. Here's an overview of each potential prize category.
Grand Prize

At the end of the third competition, all of the judges scores will be added up for any players that made it to judge voting more than once. Whichever judge-voted track has the most votes will win our incredible, one-of-kind, 3D printed trophy!

Winner gets: The ultimate 3D printed trophy (1 winner)

Judge Vote

Each week a winner will be chosen by a panel of six judges (formed from community members and Refract devs). Before Speedy Saturday each week the judges will collectively decide which six tracks will be nominated for the judge win. 30 minutes before Speedy Saturday they will score them live. Whichever track has the highest average score from the judges wins! Final judges TBA.

Winners get: T-shirt, 18x24" poster, glow-in-the-dark pin (3 winners)

Community Vote

Players during Speedy Saturday will be able to vote up or down on a level by typing “+” or “-” in the in-game chat after the track is played. “+” adds a point to the level, “-” takes away. The server host will tally up the scores in that server for each level and after Speedy Saturday a judge will work out the total points. Whichever track has the highest score wins!

Winners get: 18x24" poster, glow-in-the-dark pin (3 winners)

Participation Raffle

Show up and vote during Speedy Saturday, get a chance to win a prize of your own! Every week that you show up and vote gives you another raffle ticket. Each player can only win once.

Winners get: 18x24" poster, glow-in-the-dark pin (3 winners)

Competition Rules

  1. All levels must be created and uploaded after the contest starts. You can’t resubmit a level previously made if you decide that it fits the theme. Only new content!

  2. You may only submit one level each week.

  3. Your submission must be uploaded to the workshop using the [STE] tag in the name for it to be considered for the contest. The proper format would be: “[STE] Level name”

  4. Levels must be created on the Stable branch of Distance on steam (no DRM-Free levels) so that they can be uploaded to the workshop.

  5. Reworked or modified versions of existing levels will not be accepted.

  6. The winner will be contacted either directly via steam or through a comment on the levels page, so there’s no need for you to get in touch with us to let us know you’ve submitted, provided you followed rule 3!

  7. The level should be built using only the Refract approved In-library objects. No credits orbs, wires, spherical gravities, carscreen decoders etc.


  9. Any level which have purposely or otherwise broken these rules will be disqualified by the Judges!
Getting started with the editor
Looking for inspiration?

We recommend checking out Refract's Workshop Picks to see levels that inspire us. Otherwise Fork's Distance Track Showcases may be helpful: