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Now available on Steam Early Access, Coming to PS4 in 2015
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Break it down for me

Distance is a survival racing game for Windows, Mac, Linux, and PS4. It fuses the action of arcade racing with exploration. Your car must survive a deadly and mysterious city by jumping, flying, and performing parkour-style maneuvers.

The current beta on PC includes:

  • Adventure mode: a short single player story experience
  • Online, LAN, and split-screen play in several modes like Sprint, Reverse Tag, Stunt, Challenge and others
  • Powerful level editor connected to Steam Workshop (over 150 user-created levels already available)
  • Original soundtrack by the composer of Nitronic Rush and Solace

The PS4 version of Distance was just recently announced! You can read all about it on the Playstation Blog.

Screenshots from the private beta

I feel like I've seen this somewhere...

Distance is a spiritual sequel to the indie racing game Nitronic Rush, created by ourselves and 6 others while attending DigiPen Institute of Technology. We're redesigning Distance from the ground up to support a host of crazy new features!

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